About Us
We are a non-profit society overseeing heritage assets and activities in the community of Cardston (town and county).

The society is in the process of restoring the 107 year old courthouse in Cardston and also operates the Card home which is on its original site and was built in 1887.

The society operates a museum in the courthouse and provides tours to local and surrounding area youth. We provide seasonal activities for the town such as Christmas at the cabin, Breakfast with Santa, and the chuck-wagon barbecue during heritage days to name a few. Many local groups hold activities at our facilities.

This website is devoted to preserving the pictures, letters, and artifacts that can be found at the Cardston Court House museum, Card home, and the greater Cardston County area. Our hope is to allow future generations to enjoy the rich history of this area and to never forget our past.
Where to Find Us?

Original Settlers

Photograph of some of the original Mormon settlers of Cardston, Alberta, including Charles Ora Card, for whom Cardston was named. He is pictured on the second row, fourth from left.